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Welcome to the website via Island.

We would like to help you plan a wonderful holiday in Iceland. With our deep knowledge of Iceland we can design the most beautiful tours for you. You are very welcome to ask us questions and use our expertise for your dream trip to Iceland.

My name is Bjarni Meyer Einarsson. I am a multilingual travel agent and driver guide in Iceland.

I am an Icelander with German roots, from a German mother and an Icelandic father. Since 2010 I have been active as a freelance driver and at the same time tour guide (driver guide) as part of this activity. I have also been able to gather experience abroad in Germany, the USA and Norway.

At the beginning of 2017, I started the company via Island AS (then Islandtouris AS) as a public limited company. The contact with other people, the natural treasures of my home, the fascinating history and countless influences fascinate me. I have a lot of fun bringing other people closer to my home.

Business partners among others: Reykjavik Excursions, Snæland Travel, Island ProTravel, Arctic Adventures, Island-Reisen, Gebeco, Troll Tours, LFW Studienreisen, Kontiki, Teitur Jonasson, Die blaue Lagune, Glacier Jeeps, Die Glacier Lagoon, Hertz, Lava Centre und Elding Whale Watching.

our services


via Iceland offers you tailor-made trips to Iceland, which includes all transport and accommodation in combination with tours to local attractions and activities.


via Iceland offers you tailor-made trips to Iceland, which include all activities in combination with our tours.


via Iceland helps you find the most authentic places Iceland, and can give you tips on the hidden attractions that are usually reserved for locals people.

Attractive prices

via Iceland has local and direct agreements with Icelandic tour operators and can therefore offer you attractive prices on all package tours.

Travel insurance

via Iceland has agreements with travel providers who are members of the Travel Guarantee Fund and you are insured according to the laws and regulations for package holidays.

Enjoy with all your senses

On our tours you will discover the most beautiful and most attractive regions of Iceland and immerse yourself in the mentality, language and culture of Iceland.

Our Logo


Our logo, the Vegvísir (signpost), which shows the way, is a symbol that comes from the Icelandic magic tradition of the Galdrastafir. To the best of our knowledge, there are no finds, evidence that this symbol was known in the Viking Age. So it is up to you whether you assign a meaning to this symbol or accept for yourself what the Vegvisir is supposed to be or is. In the so-called Huld manuscript from the 19th century, a collection of spells and other sigils, the following is written about the Vegvísir:


“If this mark is worn, one will never get lost in storms or bad weather, even if the route is not known.”


The Icelandic singer Björk wears a tattoo of vegvísir on her left upper arm.

The German rappers KC Rebell and RAF Camora wear a tattoo of Vegvísir on their thighs.

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The most convincing interpretations of the symbol see a relationship between the eight “spokes” and the center and the nine worlds of Norse mythology:

  1. Upper world: Asgard – Vanaheim – Lichtalfheim
  2. Middle world: Muspilheim – Midgard – Niflheim
  3. Lower world: Svartalfheim – Jötunheim – Hel

The circle within the Vegvisir is first found in the 1940s. Content of the symbol, it stands for the “I” or one’s own center.